For the energy segment we provide sophisticated technical protection of areas, high-voltage distribution rooms and specialised safety systems for power plants. These also include thermographic cameras to track temperature changes in the monitored environment.

Technical protection of areas

We provide the protection of the areas by installing an electrical security system, a video camera system (closed-circuit television), perimetric protection of objects (fencing detection systems, microwave, infrared barriers), and we also install electronic fire signalisation. An entrance control and management system is also very important for the protection of important buildings or areas. We are also ready to supply our customers with mechanical barriers, such as fencing, exterior and interior turnstiles, gates, doors or ramps.

Specialised safety systems for energy

In addition to the video cameras guarding personal and object safety, we can also offer our customers specialised technology for monitoring environments with specific features typical for the energy sector. These cameras are also installed for safety reasons and to monitor technological processes; the difference lies in the cameras themselves as well as the camera system accessories. The video cameras are made of resistant materials, similar to the standard video cameras, which can be static or rotating cameras (a rotational camera with zoom). Cameras for difficult environments are currently the same as other types of IP (network) cameras and can be connected, recorded, controlled and visualised by any IP camera system (videorecorder, accessories).

The most important requirement for a camera system monitoring a radiation premises is its seamless operation, minimal outages and the possibility of being displayed at several operator workplaces with the possibility of assigning only the selected cameras to individual operators.

Camera system for specialised applications – Thermographic cameras

Our offered systems are often combined with thermographic cameras. In case of protecting an object, they are used for the monitoring of large areas, which would with the use of standard cameras, mean the use of tens or hundreds of cameras, and that would also be reflected in the price of such a camera system. Thermographic cameras can monitor the space with a range of several kilometres even under lowered visibility (fog, snow, night, etc.). Their usability, however, is much wider, and it is possible to use them for other than security applications. The system can create graphs of the temperature changes in time according to rules and requirements set and on the basis of that evaluate the situation, and the operator can then adopt adequate corrective measures. A camera system with thermographic cameras constantly monitors thermal events and processes on the surface of the observed objects, which enables it to identify unwanted thermal changes and warn the user on the basis of them. The system not only provides thermal images in real time, but it can also provide information about the temperature of the monitored object and environment. In case of using thermographic cameras as fire protection, a great advantage of such a system compared with other fire-fighting system is the that it will warn the operator about the fire danger before it happens, thus preventing huge damage.

Such a system is not only a camera system, it’s a complex monitoring system with alarm management that can be used as a comprehensive solution for safety in various sectors and for various solutions of any range and difficulty, such as: