Critical infrastructure

Critical infrastructure

Critical Infrastructure are objects of particular importance, other important objects and means, part of state property and business legal and individual persons designated by the government of the Slovak republic or other competent authorities from a state administration that are significant in the case of Socio-economic crisis situations. For objects of this type, we focus mainly on Technical protection of objects represented by the custom built Integrated security system (ISS). The goal is to maximize the prevention of security incidents. We have years of experience with the building of Critical Infrastructure objects as a General Contractor, where we can provide a complex supply of electro-technologies, building and legislative elements, safety, advice and service. Download the catalogue: HERE

Complex services in a field of low and high voltage electrical technologies

Integrated security system

It is a comprehensive security system that combines personnel, technical and organizational elements and measures. It starts with analysis of the environment and with audit elaboration, continues with measures proposal, implementation, elaboration of Security projects, training and maintenance. Within the Integrated security system, great accent is placed on continuing education of responsible employees. It is intended to maximize protection of persons and property and to minimize security incidents.

High and low voltage electrical installation

High and low installations are an obvious part of Integrated security system. They are necessary to power all ISS subsystems and also provide communication infrastructure for all ISS subsystems. If required, We provide for High risk sites also separate installation of high and low electrical installations.

We provide complex services in a field of high and low voltage electrical installation:

Within high voltage electrical installation deliveries we provide:

Within low voltage electrical installations we provide:

General supplier

Complete turnkey project includes:


This product is aimed not only for technologies realized by our company and not only for our existing customers.

We perform:

Complex maintenance of security systems: